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Ascii Art image converter

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Turns image files into ascii art



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3 input arguments. The first is the name of the image file (in quotes) you wish to use. The second is a gamma correction factor used to alter the way the product comes out. Fiddle around with numbers between 1 and 5 until it looks good. (generally low numbers make it darker). The third input is the name of a text file you want to output to.
Example function call:

Open the text file in notepad using its standard font and with word wrap turned off to view.

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Yu (view profile)

Hi Daniel

This is awesome. I have two suggestions that may be helpful.

1) The size of the rectangular that you use to replace ASCII characters is fixed to 4*7. Can you let the program adjust it automatically according to the actual size of the image?

2) In Line 54, I guess the default value of which_char is better to be 0, not 1. Otherwise, the space character will not be used in the TXT figure.


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MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)
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