Specifying icon in questdlg

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'buttondlg' enables you to change the icon in the question dialog box.
Updated 29 Apr 2014

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'buttondlg' is a simple modification of MATLABs function QUESTDLG which enables the user to change the icon in the dialog box, known from the MATLAB function MSGBOX. Available icons are the same known from MSGBOX ('none', 'warn', 'error', 'help', 'custom'), but also 'quest' (known from the original QUESTDLG) and 'bulb'. If you choose 'custom', you also have to specify IconData and optional IconCMap, also known form fhe function MSGBOX. Best icon size is [50,50].

Examples (as shown in the image):

Example 1:

Button=buttondlg('System Error!','Error','Stop','Continue', struct('Default','Continue','IconString','error'));

Example 2:

Button=buttondlg('Do you like the color icon?','Question','Yes','Maybe','No',struct('Default','Yes','IconString','custom','IconData',uint8(rand(50,50,3).*256)));
% is the same like:
S.Default = 'Yes';
S.IconString = 'custom';
S.IconData = uint8(rand(50,50,3).*256);
Button=buttondlg('Do you like the color icon?','Question','Yes','Maybe','No',S);

Example 3:

options.Interpreter = 'tex';
options.Default = 'Don''t know';
options.IconString = 'none';
qstring = 'Is \Sigma(\alpha - \beta) < 0?';
title = 'Boundary Condition';
Button = buttondlg(qstring,title,'Yes','No','Don''t know',options)

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