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Radially averaqe 2D square matrix z into m bins and demonstration routine


Updated 22 Jun 2016

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[Zr, R] = radialavg(z,m,xo,yo) computes the average along the radius of a unit circle inscribed in the square matrix z. The average is computed in M bins. The radial average is not computed beyond the unit circle, in the corners of the matrix z. The radial average is returned in Zr and the mid-points of the M bins are returned in vector R. Not a Number (NaN) values are excluded from the calculation. If offset values xo,yo are used, the origin (0,0) of the unit circle about which the radialavg is computed is offset by xo and yo relative to the origin of the unit square of the input z matrix.

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Comments and Ratings (6)

David Fischer

And thanks for the positive feedback! Glad it’s helpful!

HIsay Lama

Can we use this function on the images wherein the circle extend beyond unity?

Borja Abascal Imizcoz

This is exactly what I was looking for! Very useful! Thank you very much

Antonio Ciarlo

Very useful, thanks David.

Leander Boer

The function works well. Its a bit slow though...

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