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Parabolic Nondiffracting Beams

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Calculate the parabolic nondiffracting beams (Weber beams) or the Helmholtz equation.



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This function calculates the parabolic nondiffracting beams (Weber nondiffracting beams) of the Helmholtz and paraxial wave equation. Their transverse structure is described by parabolic cylinder functions (Weber functions). Like the Bessel or Mathieu beams, the Weber beams form an orthogonal and complete set in the sense that any nondiffracting beam can be represented as a linear superposition of parabolic beams.
For more information about parabolic nondiffracting beam :
"Parabolic nondiffracting optical wavefields,"
Miguel A. Bandres, J. C. Gutiérrez-Vega, and S. Chávez-Cerda
Optics Letters, 29(1), 44-46 (2004) ( )

"Observation of Parabolic nondiffracting optical fields,"
Carlos López-Mariscal, Miguel A. Bandres, S. Chávez-Cerda, and J. C. Gutiérrez-Vega
Optics Express, 13(7), 2364-2369 (2005) ( )

AUTHOR: Miguel A. Bandres ( )

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