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Load surface data from .iv-files (OpenInventor)


Updated 28 May 2014

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% Loads OpenInventor surfaces files
% Loads an .iv-file into the Matlab workspace. Code treats .iv-file nodes
% and corresponding fields & values as structure arrays with field and value information.
% Node and data hierarchy is achieved by structured array nesting. Field information can
% be accessed by using nested structure syntax:
% structName(index).nestedStructName(index).fieldName(indices)
% USAGE: IV = IVread(file)
% file .iv-file location
% Info
% For further information on structure usage visit:
% Copyright (c) 2014, Richard Bieck, University Rostock

For my master's thesis i needed to work with surface data both in OpenInventor and Matlab and importing .iv-files was always time consuming. Since i didn't find any functions for .iv import up to now i will just share this. If anyone has information regarding a functioning version with better performance please contact me or post a link in the comments. This is my first submitted work here so i appreciate any comments on improving coding and perfomance.

Please note that this function only supports .iv-files around version 2.1. The information for larger field value data is not supported for now but will be added later. If it is required i will update the version sooner.

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Richard Bieck (2020). IVread.m (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Hi, it would be nice if you could include one example *.iv file to see at once what is the code doing. It is not loading our iv file.

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