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Cell Array to CSV-file [improved cell2csv.m]

version (2.76 KB) by Jerry
Writes cell array content into a *.csv file.


Updated 10 Jul 2014

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now works with empty cells, numeric, char, string, row vector, and logical cells.
row vector such as [1 2 3] will be separated by two spaces, that is "1 2 3"
other types will be converted to the string "NA".
One array can contain all of them, but only one value per cell.
2x times faster than Sylvain's codes (8.8s vs. 17.2s):
tic;C={'te','tm';5,[1,2];true,{}};C=repmat(C,[10000,1]);cell2csv([datestr(now,'MMSS') '.csv'],C);toc;

credits go to Sylvain Fiedler:
modified and optimized from Sylvain Fiedler's codes at

To get csv back to cell, use csv2cell(). There are a couple of that on fileexchange. I have packed them into a single library together with other useful routines. Feel free to check at

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Jerry (2020). Cell Array to CSV-file [improved cell2csv.m] (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Oli Fairfax

Great code. I made a small modification to allow me to copy the contents to the clipboard too if strcmp(fileName, 'clipboard') using Dec's answer here:


Thanks.. Easy to implement

Is is possible to write the string below to a single cell using this function? It separates it at the comma into two cells.

str1 = {sprintf( 'LINESTRING(%.2f %.2f, %.2f %.2f) '

Add this line (47) to replace escape characters (%):

cellArray = regexprep(cellArray,'(?<!%)%(?!%)','%%');

else fprintf will escape all '%' signs


It does not work when the string in the cell has been created using strcat and not [ ].

Thomas Lew

Same problem, even when executing
tic;C={'te','tm';5,[1,2];true,{}};C=repmat(C,[10000,1]);cell2csv([datestr(now,'MMSS') '.csv'],C);toc;
as mentioned above

Same problem as Sandro

> C = num2cell(magic(5));
[17] [24] [ 1] [ 8] [15]
[23] [ 5] [ 7] [14] [16]
[ 4] [ 6] [13] [20] [22]
[10] [12] [19] [21] [ 3]
[11] [18] [25] [ 2] [ 9]

>> mkdir Test1
>> cell2csv('.\Test1\cell2csv.csv',C,',')
??? Undefined function or method 'isrow' for input arguments of type 'double'.

Error in ==> cell2csv>StringX at 63
elseif isnumeric(x) && isrow(x)

Error in ==> cell2csv at 46
cellArray = cellfun(@StringX, cellArray, 'UniformOutput', false);

...guys, where am I going wrong...?


Very nice!
However, strings with \, / and % characters go wrong. This can be fixed with a strrep into \\, // and %% respectively. These statements can be included in the subfunction stringX in cell2csv.


Whew! Easy solution to a problem I was having - thanks!


Worked without problems - i used the script to write cell arrays of mixed numbers and text.


link to my ez library

updated file description

replace repmat with subfunction

fixed a printing bug

made the parsing of arg more robust.

changed the title of this matlab page (nothing about codes itself)

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