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Scopes for real-time display

version (277 KB) by Michelle Hirsch
Set of widgets for real-time data display.


Updated 17 Aug 2015

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TMWidgets is a set of functions that make it easy to include real-time updating displays in your measurement application. TMWidgets includes three widgets: a strip chart (for time series), a spectrum scope (for frequency) a specgramscope (for frequency and time) and a thermometer (for scalar display).
Note - each of these is available in a slightly different form elsewhere on MATLAB Central. This submission will contain the most recent versions.

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Michelle Hirsch (2019). Scopes for real-time display (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Replay for Narayani,
To be a USB port recognized by MATLAB, you must define a 'obj' whit parameters: '#COM port', 'BaudRate' and 'Data-Bits'; also should be checked which serial port was allocated, otherwise MATLAB return error message in Command Window. Recommendation is to choose port between COM1 till COM4. fopen(obj) is command to use after. Good luck, MR



Does this need a USB-COM adapter? How can the USB port be recognized as a COM port?



This was exactly what I was looking for to as part of GUI for looking at a serial stream of data.


master user



Moved to GitHub. Removed mistaken attribution. Updated title.

Updated copyrights.

Added specgramscope - a spectrum scope with history. Should work in R13, but new demo uses R14 language feature (nested functions)

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Inspired by: Strip Chart