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Segway model

version (1.15 MB) by James
Part of a segway model built with simmechanics.


Updated 14 Aug 2014

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This is a Segway model built in solidworks and then exported to Simmechanics. This entry is under development and will be updated from time to time.

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James (2021). Segway model (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Hello sir. I'm a student interested in Simscape multibody. While trying to model a balancing robot, i came across your segway model. Would you please explain how your robot stays upright while moving forward

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t shalock

Nicolas Mimaud

Jin Huang


Hi James,

This is good study yeah. I was kooking for someting like this. But I need first generation. Do you have and send to me?

John Carlo Aquino

Can I have a description or a brief explanation about the model,for easy understanding on how does it work?

John Carlo Aquino

HI sir, do you have a documentation about this project which includes computations,state space equations and project modeling? or any information that could help for us to understand the model?


goodeve sir, i have downloaded the latest version of matlab r2014a, and it works. but i cannot find the model/figure of the segway transporter. wher can i find it? thanks


Hi Jerome,

do you have the files below in your list?

hmm...I've just tried downloading it and it works in R2014a amd R2014b. Which version of Matlab are you using?


Hi Carlo,

I’ve tried downloading the zip file into a new folder and run the model again, it works fine over here.
I’m currently using R2014b to open the files though the original model was created in R2014a (There might be some blocks missing in Matlab R2013a) You could give a go with the latest version see if it works.
The toolbox dependencies are as shown below:

>> names = dependencies.toolboxDependencyAnalysis({'Segwaymodel_v7.slx'})

names =

Columns 1 through 4

'MATLAB' 'SimMechanics' 'Simscape' 'Simulink'

Column 5

'Simulink Coder'

Hope this helps.

John Carlo Aquino

Hi sir, i downloaded the zip file and run it on matlab r2013a but its not working fine,there are bad links in the model,i think there are files missing from this version such as Transform ,World and Prismatic Joint files etc.,maybe the missing files are in the previous version Segwaymodel_v6. Can you upload it so it will work ok? or do I just need to download the latest Matlab release version to be able to run the file correctly. Please comment back,we need it for our defense on this coming thursday,October 23.Thank you in advance sir.

zar jerome cajudo

where are the other zip files, it is missing..

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