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version (4.75 MB) by Yu Zhang
This demo is to validate Multiset CCA for SSVEP recognition.


Updated 11 Aug 2014

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This demo shows a comparison between Multiset CCA and the standard CCA for SSVEP recognition in BCI.
To see the results, you just run the m file titled "MsetCCAforSSVEP_Demo".
For more detail, please see the paper:
Y. Zhang, G. Zhou, J. Jin, X. Wang, A. Cichocki. Frequency recognition in SSVEP-based BCI using multiset canonical correlation analysis. International Journal of Neural Systems, 24(4): 1450013, (14 pages), 2014.

If you have any question about this code, please do not hesitate to contact me:

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Bayar Shahab

Can you share the dataset please?


Thanks for sharing the code.
But this code is not complete. I don't know if I can share the complete code, including data. I need your help very much.


Luiz Nascimento

Tao Zhou

Thanks for sharing this code. Works very well!

Dan Zhang

Salman Rahman

Ji-Young Hwang

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