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Sort elements of several matrices corresponding to the sorting order of one matrix.

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his function sorts input matrix A and corresponding matrices using sortrows. Output matrices are sorted such that the first output is a sorted version of A, and all other outputs are sorted in the same order as A. For example,
[B1,B2,...,Bn] = sortwith(A1,A2,...,An) is functionally equivalent to
[B1,ind] = sortrows(A1);
B2 = A2(ind);
Bn = An(ind);

B = sortwith(A)
[B1,B2,...,Bn] = sortwith(A1,A2,...,An)

B = sortwith(A) sorts the rows of A in ascending order. Argument A must be either a matrix or a column vector. This usage is exactly equivalent to B = sortrows(A).

[B1,B2,...,Bn] = sortwith(A1,A2,...,An) sorts matrices A1 through An corresponding to the order in which A1 is sorted.

sortwith(...,'descend') sorts the elements in descending order.

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Chad Greene

Chad Greene (view profile)

Great suggestion Rawad. I've updated the function to allow row or column vectors.

Rawad Raidan

Hi Chad,

I had an issue using sortwith on row vectors. [ad fs gs] = sortwith(a,y,g) where a = [0 0.5 1.0 0.3278]. y and g where similar row vectors. It worked when I transposed them into column vectors.[ad fs gs] = sortwith(a',y',g').

I did not find anything in the documentation. If it is mentioned, I didn't see it. If not, a footnote could have spared me some minute pains.

It is convenient and it has helped me out. So kudos!



updated for row or column vectors.


Bug fix in descending order; extended functionality to character or cell structures.

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MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
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