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Add-on to enhance user experience of the VEX EDR hardware support packages


Updated 17 Sep 2018

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This is a MATLAB App that allows easy access to VEX support package components from a single user interface. With this App you can:

+ Create new models pre-configured for the VEX EDR systems.
+ Automatically configure an existing model for use with the VEX Microcontrollers.
+ Open the VEX Cortex Microcontroller library
+ Open the tutorials and demos for the VEX Microcontroller Support Package.
+ Open the Documentation for the VEX Microcontroller Support Package.
+ Open the example models that are shipped along with the VEX Microcontroller Support Package.

NOTE: This App is installed as a 3rd party Add-on as part of the VEX Microcontroller Support Package. If you install this App before the Support Package, you will get a button on the App to install the Support Package.

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Terry Sides

To get the example models, this package requires that you run Win or MAC OS and is not compatible with GNU/Linux. It is a great package but a GNU/Linux compatible version would be greatly appreciated if not too troublesome. Thanks!


The updated app now includes functionality to support VEX EDR Cortex and V5 systems along with shortcuts to virtual worlds and student competition resources.

Updating publish date

Changing update behavior and updating version number

Fixed links to documentation and examples and shortened example names

- Fixed a bug that was causing R2016a incompatibility. It will now work in both 16a and 16b.

- Fixed a bug that was causing R2016a incompatibility. It will now work in both 16a and 16b.

- Fixed the Documentation button
- Updated code for documentation path file changes

Updated license

Fixing mlappinstall filename.

Reverting to version # 2.2 due to an issue with Support Package Installer.

- Changed version number system to match MathWorks product release number system
- Minor bug fixes

- Applied fix for a Zip-file issue

Minor update
- Fixed Update Existing Model button
- Updated Version # to 2.2

Minor update- added missing update.png file
Version # is updated to 2.1
Version # added to mlappinstall file name

Updates in 2.0
- App compatible with MATLAB R2015a
- Updated Arcade Module block
- Added button to Documentation page
- Added version number to App's title
Note: Uninstall older version of the App before installing the newer one.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2018a
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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