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Blood Glucose Regulation in a Type-I Diabetic in Simulink

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Control blood sugar levels by adjusting insulin injection pump rate



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This artificial pancreas simulation has a continuous glucose monitor, an insulin injection pump, and a potential PID controller. This process control project is described here:

A recent video by Dr. Ali Cinar on the topic of Artificial Pancreas Progress is provided below:

Additional course material on Process Dynamics and Control is provided at the following link:

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Albert Verry

hello dr ali cinar
This topic is my thesis master ! and your matlab codes get me spme errors,would you please send me the current codes in my mail?


Might be interesting but it contains several errors. The input to the meal model is insulin infusion rate (sys(4,1) = ui - kemp * q1) instead of ingested glucose. Moreover, the meal input affects the blood glucose directly (the term +f/vg*d in the first equation), thus bypassing completely the meal model. I am afraid that with these errors the model is useless.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.4 (R2014b)

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