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Updated 27 Oct 2014

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This Matlab class allows you to save many images into a single PDF, the images are stored as you work and then at the end you can generate a PDF of all the image data.
The final PDF contains 5 text strings which are included on all the pages, this can be controlled by the user, 4 automated ones are suggested:
*companyName* (a string formatted with copyright symbol)
*date* (the date the pdf was created)
*pageNo* (enter the page numbers of every page)
*pdfFilename* (the filename of the PDF
A few example uses of this class are:
1. When doing presentations do record your work
2. To demostrate a process (teaching?)
3. Use to document a bug in your GUI
4. To record data processing (interactive) or data analysis for archive/future reference
5. Used to report failures in unit testing GUI performance (for failed case user interaction recorded and reported with screenshots in unit test) - see for details.
The txt controls which are added can be customised using normal text control properties.
Once all the data is collected, it is saved first to .ps files using the print command and then converted to a pdf using the ps2pdf file exchange submission.
Uses Matlab classes -> should work on all versions from R2008a onwards.
Note: dependent function ps2pdf requires ghostscript.

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Robert Cumming (2023). gui2pdf (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2014b
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux
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Inspired by: ps2pdf

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Version Published Release Notes

Added extra methods to add blank pages to PDF and to add custom text to individual pages.
Added description of real use case of capability used in reporting failures in unit-testing of a GUI.

Update description.

Updating dependent function ps2pdf