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Gooding's State Vector-to-Orbital Elements Algorithm

version (4.35 KB) by David Eagle
MATLAB demo script and function that implements Gooding's method.


Updated 27 Nov 2014

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A MATLAB implementation of R. H. Gooding's method for converting an ECI state vector to classical orbital elements. Valid for elliptical and hyperbolic orbits. Reference: R. H. Gooding, "On Universal Elements, and Conversion Procedures To and From Position and Velocity", Celestial Mechanics 44 (1988), 283-298

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David Eagle (2020). Gooding's State Vector-to-Orbital Elements Algorithm (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Kim, Tae Hoon

case of ellipse, em = gm * eh - es in Gooding' paper, but em = gm * eh - esq in your code.
Is there any reason to use 'esq' instead of 'es'?

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