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version 1.0 (1.38 KB) by uyen nguyen
convertion from RGB to HSV space


Updated 23 Dec 2014

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convertion from RGB to HSV space

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uyen nguyen (2020). rgb_to_hsv(M) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Stephen Cobeldick

The use of nested for-loops, when vectorized code would be much neater and faster, give this submission its two stars. Then the question has to be asked: does this submission actually do anything that the inbuilt rgb2hsv does not do?

With a complete lack of any real documentation (only one line!), comments or examples, we are left to our own devices to guess what advantages or purposes this might have, that the inbuilt function does not achieve. My guess is "none".

Readers might be interested in this alternative submission, which converts between 15 different colorspaces, including RGB and HSV, with examples, demo files, comments and very useful help:

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