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version (644 KB) by Tom Davis
This MEX-file provides MATLAB access to Mac serial ports.

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Updated 23 Apr 2007

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This MEX-file provides MATLAB access to Mac serial ports such as the modem and IrDa port, and add-on ports, such as USB to serial adapters. It has been tested with MacOS X 10.4 and MATLAB 7.1.

The Xcode project used to develop the MEX-file is included.

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Brian Pauw

Any chance of getting this compiled for intel mac os X?

jorge suarez

no tengo la serie de matlab 7.1 por favor me lo pueden facilitar

Siddharth Vedula

Do not download the upper .zip link.....the link at the bottom of the page contains the correect file which doesnt crash matlab...using Matlab 7.1, sp1

Finn Calabro

** replacement function is mexPrintf, not maxPrintf.

Finn Calabro

comm had a problem for me in matlab 7 sp2, causing matlab to crash upon execution. The problem was a conflicts with the mexErrMsgTxt calls. It seems like sp3 was supposed to fix this, but didn't (for me, os 10.3.9). Replacing these calls in the source with maxPrintf and return combinations and recompiling fixed the problem. Once fixing this bug, the serial communications aspects of comm work great! (Using a serial-usb connector with the Prolific v1.1 driver to read data being output by a PC to its serial port).

anand darji


george prassinos


This is a resubmission of the zip file. The original file was never replaced for some reason.

Recompiled for Tiger. Updated Xcode project for MATLAB 7.1 and Xcode 2.2.1. Added correct complier switches to Xcode project so MATLAB does not abort when calling mexErrMsgTxt.

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