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All possible regressions of y on X, selecting the best model by a means of selection criteria


Updated 2 Mar 2015

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% This function runs all possible regressions of y on X, and selects the best model by a means of selection criteria
% Inputs:
% y - dependent variable, column vector, n-by-1
% X - explanatory variable matrix, consisting of k columns, n-by-k
% criteria - model selection criteria, choose between 'AIC', 'BIC'(default), 'R2', 'MSE'
% Outputs:
% M - Statistics of the selected model
% Iset - indices of the selected explanatory variables, a logic row vector, 1-by-k
% Example:
% y = randn(100,1);
% X = randn(100,6);
% [M_BIC, I_BIC] = allregress(y,X);
% [M_MSE, I_MSE] = allregress(y,X,'MSE');
% Author: Shen Liu, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
% Date: 2 March 2015

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Shen Liu (2022). allregress(y,X,criteria) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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