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Mulit-Quadrotor Control using Simulink and SimMechanics

version (3.6 MB) by Mohamed Abdelkader Zahana
A nice environment to visualize a simulation of multi-quadrotors that are controlled by PID.


Updated 17 Mar 2015

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This model combines the power of Simulink modelling and SimMechanics to develop a near-realistic and appealing visualization of multi-quadrotors that are controlled by simple PID loops. The quadrotor is designed in Solidworks with all the mass and inertial properties are defined there, then was exported to XML file to be read by SimMechanics. After some tuning of couple of nested PID loops, using a linearized model of the quadrotor and PID tuning tools in MATLAB, the quadrotor was able to follow some real-time trajectories smoothly. This, then, was lumped in one block, so it can represent an independently controlled quadrotor, with reference inputs (X/Y/Altitude global positions and Yaw) that to be followed, and some outputs for further analysis. This block can be copied as many times, as the Machine computation capabilities may allow, to do mutli-agent control of independent quadrotors. I hope this helps in some sense!
Here is a quick video of What this looks like.

Feel free to contact me.
Note: make sure you read the requirements.

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Mohamed Abdelkader Zahana (2021). Mulit-Quadrotor Control using Simulink and SimMechanics (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (12)

sepideh cheraghi

Ty Ozmen

There is no XML file in the project

Qudus Adeyemio

Something wrong about this work. Any reason why the PID controller for the yaw dynamics has relatively low gains? Seems like the yaw dynamics proved to be a pain.

guolong Jiang

ali shehzad

can you pls share the multi quadrotor control algo? i mean how to stablize simultaneously ? with a centralized controller or separate controller implementation on each model ?

@timo: you are simply wrong!
Check your own licence and libraries!

You are welcome. Glad it helps.

liu jiaolong

thank you for your contribution!

Oluwasegun Somefun

Please how did you manage to stabilize the multi loop system with PID tuning. Did you use Control System Tuner?
Also, what where your control design requirements. If they were met, can you explain how you went about it.

P.S: I am getting Plant cannot be stabilized. I am guessing it could be because of the Non linearity of the Multirotor.

Looking forward to your speedy reply.

Bilal Siddiqui

Bilal Siddiqui

good work

chao zhang

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