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F14 H-Infinity Loop-Shaping Design Example

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Illustration of H-infinity loop-shaping with Robust Control Toolbox



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This example illustrates the use of Robust Control Toolbox to design a controller using the Glover-McFarlane H-infinity loop-shaping method. This control design method is conceptually similar to Bode's frequency-response methods. H-infinity loop-shaping can be applied to multivariable design problems, and uses optimization to produce robust performance and stabilization.
There are two Simulink models: one is a standalone plant model for linearization, and the other is the full closed-loop model with the closed-loop controller and an external disturbance model. The design is performed using a MATLAB script - this works best when run in cell mode, since it generates lots of plots on the way.

This example is intended as a teaching aid, and I would be very interested in feedback that I can use to improve it.
The example uses the shipping F14 demo model supplied by MathWorks, which I would like to acknowledge - the copyright for that belongs to them, not to me!

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Labelling on step response plots improved; typographical conventions in comments made more consistent; frequency resolution of sensitivity plot improved.


Deleted an 'autosave' file.


Modified to automatically load/run final Simulink model. Added 'html' directory to ensure listing as an 'example'.


Corrected a formatting error in explanatory text.

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MATLAB 8.5 (R2015a)

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