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Write structure array into Excel sheet

version 1.0 (6.68 KB) by Wei-Rong Chen
Write a structure array into Excel sheet


Updated 11 Apr 2015

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% usage: xlscell=WriteXlsFromStruct(DataStruct, outXlsName, sheet, ifOvewriteExist);
% This function writes a 1x1 structure array into Excel file.
% Each field in the input structure containes the data of a column in the output Excel sheet.
% See the sample 'xlsStruct.mat' for the format of the input structure array.
% The data struct conforms to the output struct generated by 'xls2struct.m'.
% 'ifOvewriteExist': Whether or not overwrite existing output Excel file.
% See also 'xls2struct.m'

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Wei-Rong Chen (2021). Write structure array into Excel sheet (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Veronica Taurino

Hi! I changed a bit the last part because I had a trouble, the function didn't overwrite when I asked.
In this way, when I call the function with a 0 value for 'ifOvewriteExist', it create the .XLS if it does
not exist, otherwise overwrites it. I removed 'if ~exist(outXlsName,'file')', because for my purpose, it does
not contemplate the case my .XLS is already existing.
Thank you for your job

if ifOvewriteExist
if exist(outXlsName,'file'), delete(outXlsName);end
xlswrite(outXlsName,xlscell, sheet);
xlswrite(outXlsName,xlscell, sheet); <<<--- I removed the IF condition

Mason Karbassian

Andres Ojeda Laguna

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