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Fast Gaussian Filtering

version (3.89 KB) by Luigi Rosa
Recursive gaussian filtering.


Updated 28 Apr 2005

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A recursive implementation of the Gaussian filter. This implementation yields an infinite impulse response filter that has 6 MADDs per dimension independent of the value of sigma in the Gaussian kernel.

Recursive Gabor filtering for 1D and 2D signals. For more information please visit:


For a complete publication list of Lucas J. van Vliet please visit the following URL:

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maso0m aBbasi

Royi Avital


When I run this code in Matlab then it gives error as " Error in ==> prova at 39
Can you please suggest this.

I even put the word " gaussian" in Matlab search and it did not give anything.
Please reply as early as possible.

Ajaykumar Gupta

Keith Goatman

The function performs as advertised, with the following provisos:

1. It uses c++ style // comments. I had to edit the CFLAGS in and remove the -ansi option to enable compilation (or you could just edit the file to remove them).

2. The function only works for type double images (other types generate an unhelpful segmentation fault).

fdsd fjuy


Updated information: recursive Gabor filtering

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