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Video Player with Pause/Play

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Video Player

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This will take a video as input and play the video. You can pause and play any time.

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Jianqiu Jin

@Katherine : You can see the Pause/play button implementation. Same way, you should be able to implement start/pause/resume. Let me know, if you face any issue.

how can i create one pushbutton to start/pause/resume the video instead of having one for starting and another for pause/play?

@ Dr. Murtaza Khan : I haven't tried videos with sound. If its possible to share video, I can tryout..

Dr. Murtaza Khan

Is it video only player? I could not hear sound.


reza (view profile)

i hope i knew more about how create GUI in Matlab more.

ankur gupta

Neil Toube

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MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)

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