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Closed Loop Speed Control of Induction Motor (PI Control)

version (129 KB) by srikanth dakoju
pi based speed controlled of induction motor


Updated 28 Jun 2015

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v/f speed control of induction motor

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I tried to implement the same on my machine but the response is really slow. Can anybody help? I'm using solver ode45.

Why the torque curve is not the same with general induction motor

Sir, why the dc link Voltage Vdc is chosen as 220V? Since the induction motor rms line voltage is specified as 220V, the Vdc should be 1.414*220=311V. But here Vdc=220 V is used. I cannot understand the relation between dc link Vdc and inverter output rms line voltage. Can u explain?

hello sir
would you please mail me the method that which equations used by you to implement the PI control block.thank you sir

it's not working for any other ratings and parameters


Ls = Lls (leakage inductance) + Lm

Lr = Llr + Lm

always Ls,Lr > Lm

for different motor type, it is giving with fault results.



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