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Series Active Filter ( Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR))

version (101 KB) by srikanth dakoju
custom power device: series active filter


Updated 28 Jun 2015

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Series active filter regulate the voltage across the load in case of sag/swell and harmonics

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srikanth dakoju (2020). Series Active Filter ( Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR)) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Le Tuan

I have problems connecting the dvr to the grid. I can't compensate for the voltage drop, I think I have a problem with the serial transformer between the dvr and the grid. Everyone can help me

Sachin ET

Inside the block named 'Scope' there is a scope named 'Series Active Filter' into which a Goto block is connect which doesn't goto anywhere.......Where should it be ?

@sindhu s yes it seems it doesn't perform perfect for unbalanced load.


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Works well on 2016b. We just need change connectivity parameters in configuration parameters block. We can take help of update adviser for this.

@IRFAN needed a little modification to run on 2016a.
1. Add a voltage measurement at DC (battery) and link it to a dc goto block.

2. run and it shows another error but with two suggestions, copy the first suggestion that starts with SET_ PARAM(***), paste in command window and run it. after that return to your se_filter simulink page and run...Thats how i solved my own challenge. (for any other assistance, hit me on

sindhu s

nice one...but does this work with unbalanced source?

Binish S.P

can anyone explain about look up table?????

James Liew

Sk. Sameer

what type of controller used in this system

i have installed matlab 2016 but this model has not run plz help how remove these errors my email

it shows errors. cannot run.


plz help me !!!

plz who can share with simulation of serie active filter with any kind on controle

hi please reply.....i want exact circuit connection of series active filterand explation

hi i want compensation explanation

plz who can clarify


Thank you for this work.

manju b m

manju b m

excellent work

davood na

hi thank you iam need refrence for control dvr


I think the working of this compensation is similar to UPQC and not DVR. Can you please clarify. Thank you.


I think the working of this compensation is similar to UPQC and not DVR. Can you please clarify. Thank you.

Doesn't seem to run on 2014b but still very helpful to have a look at! Thanks



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