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16 Jul 2015 (Updated )

Tech Preview that synchronizes your files between your computers, MATLAB Mobile™, and MATLAB Online

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*** UPDATE *********************************************************************************************
The Tech Preview is coming to an end. MATLAB R2017a does not support installation of the
Tech Preview MATLAB Drive Connector. Soon version 1.0 will be available here:
MATLAB Drive™ synchronizes your MATLAB files between your computers, MATLAB Mobile™, and MATLAB Online. MATLAB Drive Connector is a utility that enables MATLAB Drive on your desktop computer and resides in the notification area.
Key features of MATLAB Drive:
       • 5 GB of storage
       • Automatic file synchronization between your desktop MATLAB® software, MATLAB Mobile, and MATLAB Online*
       • Simple upload and safe storage of your MATLAB files in the MathWorks cloud, providing immediate access from anywhere
       • Notifications alerting you to changes in status of connection and synchronization
Tech Previews provide advanced access to potential new product features. This gives you an opportunity to test out the functionality and provide feedback. As it is a Tech Preview, there may be functional limitations. Some features may change in future versions.

To install the Tech Preview:
       • Install MATLAB R2015a or later (install will not work with prerelease versions of MATLAB).
       • Download the submission (MATLABdrive.mlpkginstall).
       • Double-click MATLABdrive.mlpkginstall from either inside MATLAB or from your OS.
       • Log in to your MathWorks Account during the install process.

View more information on MATLAB Drive:

* MATLAB Online is only available for select license types

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 9.2 (R2017a)
MATLAB Search Path
Other requirements Supported Operating Systems: Same as MATLAB
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Comments and Ratings (75)
14 Mar 2017 MathWorks MATLAB Drive Team

Version 1.0 is expected to release soon. While new users will not be able to install MATLAB Drive Connector from MATLAB R2017a during this transition period, please note that pre-existing installations of MATLAB Drive Connector will continue to sync your files locally, even if you subsequently install MATLAB R2017a. However, Windows users under certain conditions may see issues with MATLAB performance. We recommend that R2017a users install a patch:
The MathWorks MATLAB Drive Team

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13 Mar 2017 Michal Kvasnicka

Please, release new version of MATLAB Drive as soon as possible. I just upgrade to R2017a and loose MATLAB Drive connection without any warning!

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11 Mar 2017 Fabio Bobrow

New description already answered my doubt, thanks!

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10 Mar 2017 Fabio Bobrow

Is it working with MATLAB R2017a? I tried here but wasn't able to make it work.

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09 Mar 2017 Hüseyin Türkcan

09 Mar 2017 Guihai Luo

Why is the upload and download quite slow?


22 Feb 2017 Alejandro Arenas

06 Feb 2017 Kamruzzaman Khan

29 Jan 2017 Raj Kumar Gurung

this is a awesome program for my bachelors degree graduation .thank u Matlab team for help.

28 Jan 2017 József Vass

I store a variety of files on my Drive, not only .m types. I edited a file during which a .tmp file was created, but I closed the file before the .tmp got synced. Now I keep getting a "failed to update" error for this file, which is really annoying, since there is no way to remove / dismiss this error message. Please implement a way to dismiss them.

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04 Jan 2017 William Rodriguez

I get an error opening the zip file - have tried multiple times to install and it fails. OSX 10.9.5, Matlab R2015a. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Bill

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03 Jan 2017 József Vass

MATLAB Drive Connector failed to start consistently upon start-up in Windows 10. I explain how I fixed the issue here:

30 Dec 2016 Ellery Jin

Hi, I really love this function. However, at the last step of setup, it doesn't response when I click ‘Start Sync’ button. It seems that it cannot connect the sever. But I am sure that the network is OK.
Thanks very much.

22 Dec 2016 Sami Alenezi


19 Dec 2016 Mohammad Servattalab

15 Dec 2016 Michelle Hirsch

@Michael - MATLAB Drive works with R2015a and newer releases.

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12 Dec 2016 Michael Turchin

Does this work with Matlab R2012?

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27 Nov 2016 José Augusto Guedes


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27 Nov 2016 José Augusto Guedes


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21 Nov 2016 Peter Corke

It worked fine initially, now I have a huge number of warnings, maybe on every file, I get:

Duplicate filename. A file with that name already exists in your MATLAB Drive folder and Windows is case insensitive. Rename the file in MATLAB Online or MATLAB Drive Online.

I'm running Drive on a Mac so I don't get the Windows reference. The whole point of Drive is that there are local files with the same name, it's job is to figure which ones have changed.

Any idea what's going on here?

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17 Nov 2016 MathWorks MATLAB Drive Team

Dear Jozsef:
We are aware of this limitation. Thanks for your feedback; it will be used in prioritizing future features. Note that MATLAB Drive Connector enables multiple file and folder upload/download via the local MATLAB Drive folder that it creates upon installation.
The MATLAB Drive Team

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17 Nov 2016 MathWorks MATLAB Drive Team

Dear Ryan:
Creating or cloning a Git or Subversion repo in your MATLAB Drive should work completely fine.
The MATLAB Drive Team

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16 Nov 2016 Shaik Ahmad

I installed Matlab drive in my work place successfully, but when I tried to install in my system, it is showing error like "Error required supporting package is missing".
I am using Matlab R2016a.

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14 Nov 2016 Ryan

Ryan (view profile)

The speed is terrible slow in our country.

08 Nov 2016 Ryan

Ryan (view profile)

It is cool if I can setup a repository on Matlab drive and use internal SVN/Git to manage my scripts. Is that possible?

02 Nov 2016 houcine marouani


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31 Oct 2016 József Vass

Matlab Drive Online ( does not permit the download of folders or multiple files. Could you please implement these functions? Thanks.

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31 Oct 2016 Guang-Xun Lin

21 Oct 2016 Robert Borzellieri

Firewall settings block me from using the package install file seen here.

Can I use the "Install from folder" option? Can the files required for that be made available?

21 Oct 2016 Tin Chi Mau

09 Oct 2016 Abdo-Alslam Alwakwak


25 Sep 2016 MathWorks MATLAB Drive Team

Dear Dan:
You can access your files using MATLAB Drive Online. The URL is:
The MATLAB Drive Team

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23 Sep 2016 Dan Po

Dan Po (view profile)

What if I need to access files without downloading this?

19 Sep 2016 MathWorks MATLAB Drive Team

We have released an update (version 16.1.1) that fixes an issue with MATLAB Drive Connector on OS X when using MATLAB R2016a. Please reinstall MATLAB Drive Connector if you have an older version on OS X that was installed using MATLAB R2016a.

The MATLAB Drive Team

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13 Sep 2016 Savannah

28 Aug 2016 Bram Veenhuizen

25 Aug 2016 arjit gupta

19 Aug 2016 MathWorks MATLAB Drive Team

Thanks for all the feedback regarding issues with MATLAB Drive on OS X using MATLAB R2016a. We are working on fixing the issue and will follow-up with another post when it’s done.
Note that the issue should not occur when using MATLAB R2015b or earlier.

The MATLAB Drive Team

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17 Aug 2016 Mojtaba Komeili

Update 2: It's not working even after lengthy instruction from the support team. To make everything worse, I tried to install it from scratch again and it removed all my files. Luckily I had a back up.

Overall, conclusion: it is a cool tool. But, don't rely on it. It might stop working at any time.

17 Aug 2016 Di Zhu

Di Zhu (view profile)

The Matlab drive connector only works once on my mac after re-installation.

16 Aug 2016 Mojtaba Komeili

Update: after I commented that it was not working, support team contacted me shortly. They provided a solution for the bug I mentioned. I reinstalled the app started using it again. I will try the solution in case the bug happened again.

Thumbs up for the impressive support. I give it 4/5 now. Hopefully the bug doesn't happen again.

15 Aug 2016 Adilson Batista

15 Aug 2016 Krishn Patel

12 Aug 2016 Mojtaba Komeili

It's one of those things that works fine until it doesn't. It stopped working for me after 2 days. The icon that was on the top bar (OSX) suddenly disappeared. There was no way to run it again. And the files that I was supposed to be able to find on my other computer didn't show up there.
Wasted so much time that didn't worth even a shut. I go back to Dropbox for sharing my code between my computers X(

Soooo useless

25 Jul 2016 Julie Clark

So I installed it and used it for about a month. It was great. One day I came over to my computer and the icon on my upper bar (I have OS X 10.11) disappeared and there was just a blank space where it used to be. Nothing was updating either. I uninstalled it and tried to reinstall it and I just get "Error with post-install command for package MATLAB Connector" with "Undefined variable "matlabconnector" or class "matlabconnector.internal.postInstallCmd"". I uninstalled Matlab, then tried to install it again with no luck, the same issue. Not sure what happened, but when it worked, I loved it.

02 Jul 2016 charles elvira

Not for linux?

13 Jun 2016 Mohammad Maruf

I will verify dbh with matlab

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09 Jun 2016 Antonello Monti

I tried the installation today on my MAC using the new test release 2016b but the system says that the Matlab drive is not compatible with MAC.
Could somebody help about it?

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07 Jun 2016 yi li

yi li (view profile)

02 Jun 2016 aris damarsyah


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31 May 2016 Di Zhu

Di Zhu (view profile)

Matlab online and Drive provided a perfect solution to the problem that I cannot use Matlab at home with student license.

11 May 2016 Frederik Kammel

Hey guys,
I think, that MATLAB Online is a great idea. I like it, because I cannot install proper Matlab on my Windows tablet as I don't have enough free space on it. Therefore, I use Matlab Online.
That's why it doesn't make any sense for me to have Matlab installed on my device just to be able to sync my files with the cloud. It would be nice to have a lightweight solution that only creates a folder on my device and syncs the folders contents with Matlab Online, just like Dropbox does.

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06 May 2016 Karolos Alberto Xarokis


26 Apr 2016 sumaira shaheen

Hi, I am doing project on matlab about image detection android based app. As a student we are using university storage instead of cloud but could not understand how can matlab code can access images at that storage. matlab code will also be stored at cloud

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23 Apr 2016 anika zaman

How do I retrieve my old version of Matlab 2015a. my netbook is runs in 32 bits.. Matlab 2016a doesnot work

20 Apr 2016 Andrew Olivera

Fixed!! Startup issue was due too mismatched hostnames on my laptop. It was all my fault:-( Really exited its working now. Thanks Richard.

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13 Apr 2016 MathWorks MATLAB Drive Team

Thanks for all of the feedback so far. For anyone having issues, someone from the MATLAB Drive team will be contacting you shortly, if they haven't already. Thanks again,
- MATLAB Drive Team

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10 Apr 2016 Andrew Olivera

Works great till you kill it and restart it. Some kind of Java problem I think. OS X El Capitan 10.11.4...

lsd[265]: LaunchServices: Could not store lsd-identifiers file at /private/var/db/lsd/

MATLABWindow Helper[676]: objc[676]: Class CefFilterDelegate is implemented in both /Users/<me>/Documents/MATLAB/SupportPackages/R2016a/bin/maci64/ Embedded Framework.framework/Chromium Embedded Framework and /Users/<me>/Documents/MATLAB/SupportPackages/R2016a/bin/maci64/ Helper. One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.


launchservicesd[82]: SecTaskLoadEntitlements failed error=22

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05 Apr 2016 Maik Bruhn

I get following error whil installing MATLAB Drive:
Error with post-install command for package MATLAB Connector: Error executing command

Der angeforderte Nachschlageschlüssel konnte in keinem aktiven Aktivierungskontext gefunden werden.

I would like to use MATLAB Drive, but the installation always fails.

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04 Mar 2016 Gaurav Singh

01 Mar 2016 Rosanna Barnard

Dear Mathworks,

I am currently using MATLAB both via a Student license on my personal laptop and online, and via an academic license on a University-owned computer at my institution. Ideally I would like to be able to access the scripts I have been working on on my personal Student account from my University-owned PC with the academic license. Am I able to install MATLAB Drive on the University-owned machine to do this?

Many thanks,

Comment only
20 Feb 2016 Phuc Hai

Comment only
06 Feb 2016 Gaurav Singh

Thanks Mathworks.

Comment only
01 Feb 2016 Alireza Rezaee

IS there any way to import .mat files? i can neither import it nor upload it. the . mat file is saved on my desk top ! any suggestion ?

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15 Jan 2016 MathWorks MATLAB Drive Team

Dear Muluken,
As long as you have a MATLAB license, there is no additional charge for the MATLAB Drive Tech Preview. If you need a license to MATLAB, go to and select "How To Buy" in the top-right corner.
MATLAB Drive Team

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14 Jan 2016 muluken amentie

Haw can gets license ?

Comment only
11 Jan 2016 Fabricio Fernandez

17 Dec 2015 Nikolay

22 Sep 2015 David Barry

I get the following error during the "registering" part of the install.
Error with post-install command for package MATLAB Connector: Error executing command

mv: rename /Users/davidbarry/Documents/MATLAB/SupportPackages/R2015b/matlabconnector/derived/maci64/matlabconnector/dependencies/MATLABWindow Helper to /Users/davidbarry/Documents/MATLAB/SupportPackages/R2015b/matlabconnector/bin/maci64/ No such file or directory.

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11 Aug 2015 MathWorks MATLAB Drive Team

Dear Russell:
MathWorks currently has no immediate plans to provide support for Linux. This may change in the future.
MATLAB Drive Team

Comment only
07 Aug 2015 Russell

Any plans to add support for Linux?

Comment only
27 Jul 2015 David Barry

I get an error when I try to install this in R2015a. If you drop me a mail then I will send a sreenshot of how far it gets to.

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17 Jul 2015 MathWorks MATLAB Drive Team

Dear Prasath:
MathWorks currently has no plans to provide a RESTful API for MATLAB Drive.
MATLAB Drive Team

Comment only
16 Jul 2015 Prasath M

Congratulations ! I am glad to have to MATLAB Drive.
Will there be any API support for MATLAB Drive ?

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16 Jul 2015 1.0

Updated title.

22 Sep 2015 1.0

fixed R and newline char

18 Nov 2015 1.0

Updated icon

20 Nov 2015 1.0

Fixed icon again

06 Jan 2016 1.0

Updated icon

04 Mar 2016 1.0

Update for R16a

10 Mar 2016 1.0

Updated Icon

14 Jun 2016 1.0

Inserted note about prerelease installation.

27 Jul 2016 1.0

Edited content in footnote

15 Sep 2016 1.0

Updated text for R16b

10 Mar 2017 1.0


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