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Video Watermarking using DWT

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Encode secret image in a video


Updated 22 Jul 2015

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Digital video theft is an escalating crime. Today, there are torrent sites that host copies of movies, sometimes months before their DVD/Bluray release. This is mostly seen before award seasons (such as Oscars, Golden Globes, etc.). The adjudicators are given free copies of the movies, and they often end up in torrent sites.
Video watermarking is extremely useful tool for theft identification. Once a unique image is embedded within a video, (on a selected number of frames), it becomes a unique copy. Since the embedding is carried out in some of the (lower) frequency wavelets, it is impossible for the viewer to see a significant difference anywhere in the video. Furthermore, without having access to the original video and the frame numbers where the embedding has taken place, it is nearly impossible to remove the watermark from the video as well. The DWT watermarking of a video is known to be highly robust against many known attacks, and therefore, there is a very good chance that the copy can be identified even after distortion.
This code is a slightly modified implementation of a conference paper on video watermarking...
Authors: Prachi V. Powar, S.S.Agrawal

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Satyajeet hidangmayum

hello sir, can you send me the source code to my email address

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prasanth s

where did you get the video used in this program (video dataset name). please reply

Nilesh Dubey

Andreea Vieru

Hello sir, can you send the MATLAB source code to me?
Thank you!

Fadil abdelhak

hello sir, I have a problem if I change the extension of the video

yun-hsiang chang

sir,could you send the source code to me? it's helpful to my research!
< > Thank you

fakiha sarwat

sir can you help with dct


please send the MATLAB source code for video watermarking using MATLAB

< > and I dnt knw how to start this project. please send some suggestions.

Huong Luu

hello sir. Can you send the source code to me?
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Thank you

mohammad sangsaz

rashi rana

sir, u have used an image as watermark, then,could you please explain me why you have used a video player for showing extracted watermark?

brini ali

can you send the source code to me please.

lavanya P

Hello sir....please can you send the matlab code for the attacks,which you discussed in this project.
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