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Counting Cars and Analyzing Traffic Using a Webcam, a Raspberry Pi and ThingSpeak

Develop car-counting algorithm and analyze traffic data sent to ThingSpeak



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In this IoT project, we use a Raspberry Pi, a web cam and ThingSpeak to count cars on a busy highway. With Simulink we design and deploy a car counting algorithm to the Raspberry Pi and we analyze and visualize the traffic patterns using ThingSpeak, an IoT analytics platform, and MATLAB. This article features channel 38629 on ThingSpeak.
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has anyone re-created this model or received the original to run the experiment??

hello sir, can you ad simulink model please?

how to get the total no of vehicles

Neven Lazarov

You forgot to include the model



Where is the simulink model?


Omar Madrigal

please add the model


+1 on looking for the missing model

saeed amindin

the model missing. please add a new file with model for downloading.

where can I find this model ,I'm very intereted in this project!


Mikhail (view profile)

It seems that you've forgotten to share the Simulink model used for car detection.


Updated description.

Updated license


Initial release.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.5 (R2015a)

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