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GISMO - a framework for scientific research in seismology/infrasound


Updated 04 Jul 2018

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Project website:
GISMO is designed to allow easy retrieval of seismic waveform data, event catalogs and station metadata from a variety of data formats, databases and online data sources, eliminating a major barrier to rapid development of new seismic research programs and workflows, new seismic monitoring tools, etc.

The foundation is a set of object oriented classes that describe different seismic data types and have built-in methods for loading from common formats and sources, and common visualization and processing tools. GISMO is a community driven project that aims to encourage scientists to write code that builds on GISMO and then contributed code back to the project, so that GISMO can become ever more capable - and useful to more scientists. An aim is to make research more repeatable and lower the cost of research by providing a set of tools that allow scientists to get to the important part of research faster - doing the science, rather than the frustrations of how data is stored and how to get it in to MATLAB. Features include:
* Plotting tools for waveforms, catalogs, instrument responses etc.
* Waveforms work for any regularly sampled data stream
* Mathematical functions make manipulating easier: +, -, /, .*, .^
* Standard waveform manipulations: filter, crop, subset, subset, stack, normalize, automatic gain control, demean, detrend, taper, etc.
* Statistics: max, min, mean, median, etc.
* Waveform operations: hilbert transform, integration and differentiation
* Operates N-dimensional waveforms (in most cases without requiring loops)
* Object architecture provides a stable base for writing more complex programs

Seismic data can be imported from Antelope databases (via the BRTT Antelope toolbox), Earthworm/Winston databases, the IRIS-DMC, SAC files, Seisan databases, .mat files, hypoellipse files, or with minimal coding your own homegrown file format/directory structure.

GISMO makes:
* playing with data easier by automating the tedious aspects of data manipulation
* programs more stable by ensuring proper data typing
* code more portable by reading multiple formats and functioning on multiple systems
* troubleshooting faster by providing more detailed messages and warnings

Additional information can be found via the GISMO wiki:

GISMO (which includes The Waveform Suite) and related codes can also be discussed at:

As always, Comments are welcome, as are reviews and bug reports. Thanks!

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Inspired by: The Waveform Suite for MATLAB