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Simulation and Modeling of Wind Turbine using PMSG

version (13.5 KB) by ankit kumar
Simulation and Modeling of Wind Turbine using PMSG


Updated 02 Aug 2020

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During the last two decades, the production of
wind turbines has grown in size from 20 KW to 5 MW.
There currently exist various competing technologies for
wind generator systems whose differences lie in the
complexity, cost and degree of control over the system
characteristics. In the wind energy conservation system,
the wind turbine captures the wind energy. Then the
generator changes it to the electrical power. Wind
turbines are classified into two types as fixed speed wind
turbine and variable speed wind turbine. Variable speed
wind turbines yield more energy than the fixed speed
wind turbines, reduce power fluctuations and improve
reactive power supply. Basically direct drive Permanent
Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG) and Double Fed
Induction Generator (DFIG) are used in variable speed
wind turbine generator. In this paper, the simulations of a
variable-speed wind turbine with a permanent magnet
synchronous generator and power electronics devices
have been analyzed to performance during various input
wind velocities.
International Journal of Recent Research and Review, Vol. VII, Issue 2, June 2014.

NOTE: To prevent duplicate publishing of this model, some part/files of this model has not been published here, to get the full model including paper and thesis, please contact me at the below mail Id:

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Monica M

vinamra govil

can anybody provide me hysteresis controller based PMSG for machine side only of around 7kw

said belhadj

merci pour le modele et les explications

Yahya Akil

I need a simulation of wind turbine with PMSG, boost converter and mppt algorithm if anyone have it, pls send a message to me. My e-mail adress is 


Muhammad Ikhsan

incomplete simulation, the inverter has no gating signal


thank you so much bro it was most helpful

Shamsher Ansari

Not for researchers

Jie Hou

devinda Molligoda

Rouben Khosrovian

I don't know why people are satisfied with this file.
First of all, you can find a wind turbine model in Simulink examples. if you search "DFIG" and open detailed model, you'll find wind turbine block under wind turbine subsystem.
Second, the machine-side converter is replaced by a simple rectifier.
Third, the grid side converter is still a converter but gate control system is missing and to be honest that's all is important.
There's absolutely nothing here.

Ashutosh Tamrakar

roja REDDY

Can anyone pls send me the model of 130v 500W wind turbine modeling

George Ghimire

Hello could anybody sends me a Simulink Model of Wind turbine connected with PMSG model in I have the problem as stated.
I have modelled a wind turbine model connected to PMSM . Initially PMSM is at standstill so the rotor speed is zero. This rotor speed is feed back which is equal to rotational speed generator of wind turbine.Because of rotational speed of generetor of wind turbine being zero the power and torque i got from wind turbine model is being zero. The zero torque of wind turbine is connected to PMSM torque. It is forming a closed loop. Could anyboday take me out of this loop? Because of this i am getting power and torque zero all time even if i have wind speeed
Thank you

sara djellabi

i need simulation of wind power please

Jim Carry

Thank u

suke su

sharana m

how i can add this model in to my matlab libary

Cries Avian

aghiles ardjal

hi everyone,
I need a simulation of wind turbine with PMSG, boost converter and mppt algorithm if anyone have it, pls send a message to me. My e-mail adress is

ali noory

how i can get this model???please help

rajesh lenka

Ashish Verma

please give the theory of model every block description


I m satisfied totally


thank you very much. Iam expected for this model for long time!

Ahmed Zaghloul

Many thanks, but I still want 5MW simulink module for PMSG offshore wind turbine.

Meryem OUDDA

Thank you

Marcin Slotwinski

Thank You!

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