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A one-file MATLAB implementation of MD5, no additional files needed.



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d = md5(f)

Computes the MD5 has function of the file specified in the string f and returns it as a 64-character array in d.

md5() is a single m-file and no additional libraries or toolboxes are needed. The code is compact and clear, but very slow. So md5() is
useful for educational purposes.

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Thank You Sir

It doesn't return the same output if I hack it to take in just a string as an online implementation, but at least I can run this one on Octave. I have the feeling my hack broke something, but self-consistency of my code is more important than actually finding the MD5.

Thanks a lot for this submission.

Good job.Thanks!


Jan (view profile)

Help exists, H1-line, Matlab version is checked, comments in the source, selftest function included.
Files are opened in text mode, better use FOPEN(File, 'rb'). Unfortunately the selftest function fails (Matlab 7.7) - otherwise it would be a 5 star rating.

mohamed khamis

i tried to run this file but there is some missed deffinitions..plzz send me the complete hash program cause i really need it..thanks

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