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This example is as similar as posible to deep learning example which is included in Neural toolbox



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In this app you can see new algorithm for Neural Network learning which is fast, accurate and reliable.
With it you can solve MNIST in 20 minutes on plain computer (without GPU). Please cite me if use my algorithm.

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Hassene BA

Is there a possibility to get the image data? Thank you

Bojan Ploj

Image data are easy to find on the net. File names are visible in the code.


Salem (view profile)

I received this error any idea please
Undefined function or variable 'helperWeightsToImageGallery'.

Error in Bipropagation (line 131)
weightsImage = helperWeightsToImageGallery(W1,imageHeight,imageWidth,10,10);

jiwei xu

Very nice pro..But where i can get the image data? Or can you share the image data. Thanks..


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