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Segmentation outputs of Synthetic Color Image Data set

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Segmented images and labeled segmentation ground truth mat files


Updated 17 Feb 2016

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This is the segmentation output of all the hundred images in “Synthetic Color Image Data set for testing Image Segmentation Algorithms” provided by Prof. Kishor on Matlab Central File Exchange. The folder Segmented_Output_Images contains the segmented image files of all the images in the Synthetic Color Image Data set and the folder Groundtruth_matfiles contains the labeled segmentation ground truth mat files for the same.
The segmentation is done using spatial color histogram based segmentation giving the segments based on colors and also their spatial locations i.e. two segments of same color at different location will be treated as two different segments and not single segment by considering color only.
These outputs can be used to check/compare results of various segmentation algorithms.

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