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Get Port List

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Returns a list of serial port names suitable for use with serial objects.


Updated 20 Feb 2018

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The matlab serial object can be used to connect to external devices that use serial communication, such as microcontrollers, GPS receivers, heartrate monitors, etc. In order to use a serial object, you need to know the serial port name.
GET_PORT_LIST returns a list of serial port names which are suitable for connections with serial port objects. The function is cross-platform (OS X, Linux, Windows) and does not require any Matlab toolboxes.
Example: (on OS X)

devices = get_port_list;
'A700elGZ' '/dev/tty.usbserial-A700elGZ'
'PXFARNQU' '/dev/tty.usbserial-PXFARNQU'
Example: (on Windows)

devices = get_port_list;
'6' 'COM6'
'1' 'COM1'
device_connection = serial(devices{1,2});
% send/receive data, etc

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