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Calculates the minimal Euclidean distance between two bounding boxes.

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Updated 02 May 2016

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This function takes as inputs two bounding boxes and calculates the norm between the two closest points in each box. If the boxes overlap, then the distance is defined as 0.

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Tony Reina (2021). bbDist (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Carl Witthoft

Your documentation says
% Bounding boxes in MATLAB are stored as
% bb = [x y width height]

However, the help page in MATLAB says, "[start,finish] = H5S.get_select_bounds(space_id) returns the coordinates of the bounding box containing the current selection. start contains the starting coordinates of the bounding box and finish contains the coordinates of the diagonally opposite corner."

Can you comment on the discrepancy?

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