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ThingSpeak Weather Station

Building your own portable weather station and analyzing weather data in the cloud



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This project demonstrates how to build the weather station, configure the hardware, and interact with the weather data. We show how to retrieve the data from ThingSpeak, an IoT analytics platform. We then use histograms to visualize the data, interpolate missing data, fit trends to the data and compare current data to historical data.
This example requires the user to first install the ThingSpeak Support Toolbox which is available here:
Article for setting up and configuring the Electron Weather Station is published here:
For more information about ThingSpeak, see

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Rinkal Patel

Hans Scharler

For the entire tutorial on how to assemble and configure the hardware, visit -


Mikhail (view profile)

"how to build the weather station, configure the hardware" - where can this information be found?


Updated description.

Updated license


Updated ThingSpeakWeatherStation.m to fix some minor mistakes. (see line 71 and 374)

Added an URL to the description and removed a duplicated tag

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MATLAB 9.0 (R2016a)

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