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A Novel Distribution Automation involving Intelligent Universal Transformer [IUT]

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A Novel Distribution Automation is the bonnie state of art, comprising the new architecture based on the flexible electrical network of component together with an open communication structure debate the Future Distribution Automation System. Intelligent Universal Transformer (IUT) comprises from power electronic base equipment in addition with traditional current transformer introducing as an Intelligent Equipment Devices (IED) for Advanced Distribution Automation (ADA) in forthcoming future. In contrast to ordinary transformer, IUT has full control compatibility as it has been considered for intelligent device using PI controller. Model free system, nonlinearity, robustness and flexibility under parameter variations are the benefit advantages resulting from the PI controllers. In this approach four layers IUT topology with the diverse services like DC voltage option,400 HZ utility for communication, 120 and 240 V AC 60 HZ together with fuzzy logic controller have been considered for evolving the stability, reducing the uncertainty and enhancing the efficiency of whole system. PID control schemes are proposed for employing current source controllers in IGBT inverters at input stage and DC voltage control source in output stage. Real time voltage regulation, automatic sag correction, three-phase power from a single phase line, Harmonic Filtering, Flicker mitigation, options for energy storage, dynamic system monitoring and robustness under load disturbances are the resulting benefits contributed from IUT four layers topology and PID controllers.

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Mohsen Falaki

Hi sir
Thanks for model
But when running model
Failed to load library 'powerlib_models' referenced by 'hapfgipifuzzy/Subsystem1/Three-Phase Source/Source'
Plz help me

lolo koko




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