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Direct Power FlowControl of DFIG(double-fed induction generator)with ANN Technique by indraneel saki

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indraneel saki ( indranil Saaki),indraneel saki


Updated 23 Jun 2016

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With the advance in wind turbine technologies, the cost of wind energy becomes competitive with other fuel-based generation resources. Due to the price hike of the fossil fuels and the concern of the global warming, the development of wind power has rapidly progressed over the last decade. Many countries have set goal for high penetration levels of wind generations. Recently, several large-scale wind generation projects have been implemented all over the world. It is economically beneficial to integrate very large amounts of wind capacity in power systems. Unlike other traditional generation facilities, using wind turbines present technical challenges in producing continuous and controllable electric power. With increase in contribution of wind power into electric power grid, energy storage devices will be required to dynamically match the intermitting of wind energy.
When wind turbines are connected to a grid, they should always maintain constant power. In order to maintain constant active power, the use of Doubly-Fed Induction Generators (DFIG)— In this project, intelligent control scheme using artificial neural network (ANN) is proposed for doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) based variable speed wind turbine system. ANN based rotor loop design is developed for variable speed wind turbine and the
rotor side controller is proposed for DFIG to improve its transient performance in all wind speed conditions. For comparative analysis,the conventional vector control scheme is also implemented for the system under investigation. It is observed, from the results, that the dynamic performance of the DFIG is improved with the proposed intelligent control scheme, as compared to the conventional control.The simulations are carried out using MATLAB platform.

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beniuga oana

this is run in matlab2011 or not

after running also getting the same block error

lolo koko

Sunil Nayak

you must run the two .m files


before running the model

good luck

Sunil Nayak

Hi I can not execute the code in 2013a ; what might be the problem; it says proxy blocks error...

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