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(Update) Synopsys /Sentaurus: make your .plt files readable by Excel, Origin... etc

version (3.42 KB) by maryline bawedin
Convert your .plt files into .txt files which can be imported straight into Excel, Origin... etc


Updated 23 Mar 2017

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This function allows you "reorganizing" (sorting out) the data of the Sentaurus .plt files into column data with the name of the variables.
Just run the function inside the folder where your .plt files are located and all of them will be automatically converted in .txt files readable by software like Excel, Origin etc...
Notice that if you stop/abort the simulation in Synopsys, the end bracket "}" will be missing in the plt file(s) and needs to be added manually. I will treat this point in the next version.

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maryline bawedin (2021). (Update) Synopsys /Sentaurus: make your .plt files readable by Excel, Origin... etc (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Bhargav Anand Chebolu

Karim Elgammal

thanks for sharing

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