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PSO & Artificial Neural networks based DSATCOM Control for an Electric Ship Power System

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The power system of an all-electric navy ship has an integrated network, where the propulsion load, the distribution loads, sensor and other emergency loads and pulse loads (rail guns, aircraft launchers etc.) – all are part of the same electrical network. Among the loads, the effects of pulsed loads are most detrimental for the power quality of ship power distribution system as the pulsed loads require a very high amount of power for a very short period of time [1]. In order to improve the survivability of a navy ship in battle condition, DSTATCOM or Distribution Static Compensator can be used, which reduces the impact of pulsed loads on the bus voltage and thus keeps the bus voltage at desired level.
Distribution Static Compensator (DSTATCOM) is a shunt compensation device which is generally used to solve power quality problems in distribution systems. In an all-electric ship power system, these power quality problems
mainly arise due to the pulsed loads, which causes the degradation of the entire system performance. This project
presents the application of DSTATCOM to improve the power quality in a ship power system during and after
pulsed loads. The control strategy of the DSTATCOM plays an important role in maintaining the voltage at the point of common coupling. A novel adaptive control strategy for the DSTATCOM based on artificial system (AIS) is
proposed. The optimal parameters of the controller are first found using particle swarm optimization. This provides a sort of innate immunity to common system disturbances.For unusual system disturbances, these optimal parameters are modified online, thus providing adaptive immunity in the control system. To evaluate the performance of the DSTATCOM and the AIS adaptive controller, a ship power system is developed in the MATLAB/SIMULINK environment. The effectiveness of the DSTATCOM and the AIS controller is examined for pulsed loads of different magnitudes and durations.

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wenke li

Rajan Patel

This model does not work properly, it shows some input error.

mohsen salehi

unfortunately this simulation dosnt work properly.

mohsen salehi

i have one question.
i couldnt run this simulation in other version of matlab. why?

mohsen salehi

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Artificial Nuearal networks based DSATCOM Control for an Electric Ship Power System by indraneel saki/

Artificial Nuearal networks based DSATCOM Control for an Electric Ship Power System by indraneel saki/