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Torque & Speed Estimation of Induction Motor with Matrix Converter using DTC_SVM based EKF Technique

version (72.3 KB) by INDRA(INDRANIL SAAKI)
indranil saaki


Updated 01 May 2018

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Direct Torque Control is a control technique in AC drive systems to obtain high performance torque control. The conventional DTC drive contains a pair of hysteresis comparators.DTC drives utilizing hysteresis comparators suffer from high torque ripple and variable switching frequency. The most common solution to those problems is to use the space vector depends on the reference Torque and flux. This Project presents a review of the most popular control and modulation strategies studied for matrix converters (MCs) in the last decade. The purpose of most of these methods is to generate sinusoidal current on the input and output sides. These methods are compared considering theoretical complexity and performance.
In this Project the space vector modulation Technique (SVPWM) is applied to 2 level inverter controls in the proposed DTC_SVM based induction motor drive system, thereby dramatically reducing the torque ripple. Then the controller based on space vector modulation is designed to be applied in the control of Induction Motor (IM) with a three-level Inverter.
In This project concludes that the control strategy has a significant impact on the resonance of the MC input filter with EKF Technique. This type of Inverter has Several advantages over the standard two-level VSI, such as a greater number of levels in the output voltage waveforms, Lower dv/dt, less harmonic distortion in voltage and current waveforms and lower switching frequencies Eliminated By EKF Method. The SVM_DTC IM with MC Using EKF proposed scheme is described clearly and simulation results are reported to demonstrate its effectiveness. The entire control scheme is implemented with Matlab/Simulink.

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I need two induction motor (three phase) with an inverter with a 5 phase control which works on DTC method. Can you please to send any related matlab file to my email address:

An error occurred while running the simulation and the simulation was terminated
Caused by:
Error in 'MTctcsvmigEKF_by_indraneel_saki/Subsystem/table' while executing MATLAB S-function 'table112', flag = 3 (output), at time 0.0.
Unable to read file 'function.mat'. No such file or directory.


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Hi Indraneel,

Thank you very much for sharing. But I encountered some problems while trying to run the model.

Firstly, in Simulink I came across this:
Could not evaluate MaskDisplay commands of block 'MTctcsvmigEKF_by_indraneel_saki/Induction Machine SI Units': Undefined variable "X" or class "X.p1".
Component: Simulink | Category: Block warning
Failed to find 'spsAsynchronousMachineModel/Electrical model' in library 'spsAsynchronousMachineModel' referenced by 'MTctcsvmigEKF_by_indraneel_saki/Induction Machine SI Units/Electrical model'
Component: Simulink | Category: Model error

Secondly, in Matlab I came across this:
Warning: Could not evaluate MaskDisplay commands of block
'MTctcsvmigEKF_by_indraneel_saki/Induction Machine SI Units': Undefined variable
"X" or class "X.p1".
> In hilite_system (line 124)
In open_and_hilite_hyperlink
Warning: Could not evaluate MaskDisplay commands of block 'MTctcsvmigEKF_by_indraneel_saki/Induction Machine SI Units': Undefined variable "X" or class "X.p1"



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MTwithIMbyEKF_DTC_SVM by indrannel saki/