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Optimization of Photovoltaic Penetration in Distribution Systems Annual Curve of Solar Irradiation

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Updated 01 May 2018

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The penetration level of a photovoltaic (PV) system is often limited due to the violation of voltage variation introduced by the large intermittent power generation. This project discusses the use of an active power curtailment strategy to reduce PV power injection during peak solar irradiation to prevent voltage violation so that the PV penetration level of a distribution feeder can be in-creased to fully utilize solar energy. The PV power generation is simulated according to the hourly solar irradiation and tempera-ture data provided by the weather bureau. The voltage variation at the point of common coupling (PCC) is also derived by executing the 3- load flow analysis to investigate the maximum PV power injection without causing a voltage violation problem. When using the proposed voltage control scheme for limiting PV power injec-tion into the study distribution feeder during high solar irradiation periods, the total power generation and total energy delivered by the PV system over a one-year period are determined according to the annual duration of solar irradiation. The annual cash flow from sales of PV power, the O&M cost over the system life cycle, and the capital investment in the PV system are then used to calculate the payback years and the net present value (NPV) of the PV project. With the proposed voltage control to perform the partial genera-tion rejection of PV systems, the optimal installation capacity of PV systems can be determined by maximizing the net present value of the system so that better cost effectiveness of the PV project and better utilization of solar energy can be obtained.

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hahage (view profile)

Sir, could you help me solve this problem: Failed to load library 'powerlib_models' referenced by 'maniblockfig1/Subsystem1/Voltage Measurement/model'


RAMI (view profile)

Sir can I get code for three phase newton raphson/backward forward sweep load flow analysis code?

lolo koko

great......very helpfull



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