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defaultPlotColors() to get or draw the 7 default colors used by plot() function

version (138 KB) by Kouichi C. Nakamura
defaultPlotColors() allows you to get or draw the 7 default colors of plot() function since R2014b


Updated 11 Jul 2016

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getDefaultPlotColors returns default colors for plot function.
Every run of plot() function proceed by one row in the color array.
colors = defaultPlotColors()
colors = defaultPlotColors(k)
colors = defaultPlotColors('plot')

k If k is a scalar positive integer, you can get k th color of
default colors. If k is a vector of such integers,
defaultPlotColors returs n by 3 array of default colors, where
n is the length of vector k and colors are ordered in rows by
the vector k.

'plot' You can see all the seven default colors

out 1 by 3 vector represents a MATLAB color, or n by 3 array of
n colors

defaultPlotColors_script.mlx illustrate how defaultPlotColors.m can be used.





See also

ColorOrderIndex (Axes property)

Written by Kouichi C. Nakamura Ph.D.
MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit
University of Oxford
10-Jul-2016 07:09:15

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Kouichi C. Nakamura (2021). defaultPlotColors() to get or draw the 7 default colors used by plot() function (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R2014b
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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