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Plot Superquadratic Surfaces

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This is a pair of functions for plotting general superellipsoids and supertoroids


Updated 09 Jun 2018

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Much like SPHERE(), ELLIPSOID(), or SUPERQUAD(), these functions calculate and return the matrices required to plot a general superellipsoid or supertoroid using MESH() or SURF().
Unlike SUPERQUAD(), SUPERELLIPSOID() calculates the general form
with fully independent axis orders. i.e.:
((X-Cx) / Rx)^Px + ((Y-Cy) / Ry)^Py + ((Z-Cz) / Rz)^Pz = 1
For convenience, both functions accept parameters as vectors or as scalars with implicit expansion.
As with the built-in functions, the number of points can be set.
The default value for N is 50.
If no outputs are specified, a new surf plot will be created.
Display axes can be specified if the first argument is an axes handle.
A demo file is included (demo file uses subplot_tight from the FEX)

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DGM (2021). Plot Superquadratic Surfaces (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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I have tested this in R2019b, and everything appears to work normally.


I have only tested this in R2009b and R2015b. I do not anticipate any certain reasons that it should fail in R2019b. As Mathworks further develops the graphics/plot tools, those changes may eventually break the demo or the default surf() plot output. In such a case, it should still be able to correctly calculate numeric (array) outputs.

yue yuan

Does it not work in Matlab2019b?


My apologies, for the omission and my lateness. At the time I'd uploaded this, I was in the habit of excluding FEX dependencies. The function is available here:

Jiyoon Hwang

thanks for yout code.! umm.. there's a missing function named "subplot_tight", however. Could you also provide this function?

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2009b
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

Inspired by: Controllable tight subplot

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