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UISUBGUI - GUI resuing tool

version (13.2 KB) by Lior Cohen
Creates a Sub-GUI from an existing GUI.

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Updated 18 Oct 2004

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UISUBGUI reuse an existing GUI in a new GUI / figure with all of its objects and functionality.
This makes a GUI code reusing very simple and saves all the copy, paste and objects creation
The two required file are UISUBGUI and GUIDATA which is a guidata version that supports UISUBGUI.
The other files are for demo purpose only. In order to see the demo of the function run uisubgui_demo.

17 Oct, 2004 - I've already saw two claims that my function is the same as the great, "Child window" function of Roy Schestowitz.
To make things clear, the novelty of the UISUBGUI is that it takes an existing working GUI (that even was not designed to be part of other GUI) and "plants" it as a control set of a new GUI. Plus, the user does not have to change the old existing GUI code in order to communicate with the new GUI.

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Lior Cohen (2021). UISUBGUI - GUI resuing tool (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (4)

elmex jk10

Correction of the last review. The update problems were related but NOT CAUSE BY uisubgui. Uisubgui on its own works fine. Greate program!

elmex jk10

Uisubgui is extremely helpful to develop a complex gui, to restructure it and to reuse parts of it later. Sadly it does not seem to work since version R2006a!

Anony Mous

Altug Bicak

this is an example of using setappdata & getappdata, I think ,"Child Window",
,Author: Roy Schestowitz ,Summary: Child window with parameter passing, must be referenced. The whole thing is like a carbon copy.

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