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Bollerslev, Todorov & Li (2013) intraday jump detection algorithm

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Updated 06 Sep 2016

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% this zip contains 4 files, 3 functions and 1 script, run the script in section. comments enclosed should be self-explanatory. raw data is in matlab struct farmat. to transform raw data into struct, see separate file named "datato struct", it is user's responsibility to amend for their own purposes.

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chris zhang (2021). Bollerslev, Todorov & Li (2013) intraday jump detection algorithm (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Mohammadreza Faraji

I emailed you to get the data, but I got failure delivery message which says the address couldn't be found.
Can you email me the data at

chris zhang

I uploaded a sample data file and was deleted by the Matlab web since. If you have difficulties getting the right data structure, flip me an email ( and I will send the data to you.

chris zhang

There is a separate code for Pairs Trading, in which a snapshot of the struct data is enclosed.
USE THE CODE I PROVIDED TO LOOP THROUGH THE RAW DATA (It could take a while, just experiment on a small piece of data and put into my code see if works), YOU SHOULD GET A DATATYPE LOOK LIKE WHAT IS IN THE SNAPSHOT.

xiaoqiang zhang

Chris zhang, could you please share some raw data or submit a picture of the raw data?

xiaoqiang zhang

so where is raw data file??

xiaoqiang zhang


thank you

darwusch darwusch

Seperate data file is missing?


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