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Updated 28 Sep 2017

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% Saves all open figures (or those specified by input figureHandles) to specified output image type.
% Output filename is based on current axes title for each figure.
% syntax:
% savefigures(figureHandles, outputDirectory)
% where:
% figureHandles (optional) - figure handle or array of figure handles to save
% defaults to all current figures if no argument or
% empty argument ([],{},etc)
% outputDirectory (optional) - directory to place figures in
% defaults to uigetdir dialog (if no argument) or current
% directory (if argument is empty - [],'',etc)
% additional input parameters are available:
% 'outputFormat' - image formats used with the print function; defaults to '-dpng'
% 'orientation' - 'Portrait' or 'Landscape'; defaults to 'Portrait'
% 'paperType' - standard page sizes; defaults to 'usletter'
% 'margin' - margin to use when saving images (units correspond to paperType); defaults to 0.5
% 'saveFigFlag' - logical flag to save .fig file in addition to printed image; defaults to false
% these parameters are set by:
% savefigures(figureHandles,outputDirectory,'parameter','value')

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Toby (2020). savefigures(varargin) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Laura Gonzalez


Added more robust check for characters not allowed in saved filenames (based on figure titles).

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