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Counting Teeth

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Use some image processing algorithms to count the number of teeth on a gear.

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This file demonstrates how the Cell Execution Mode is useful in creating and publishing MATLAB script M-files. Starting with a picture of a clock gear, we work step by step to determine how many teeth are on the gear. See the related News and Notes article for more information.

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omid (view profile)

Thanks Dr. Ned I could download it. I have a question:
I am PhD student in mining engineering.
Actually, for my thesis I want to measure drill bit wear by taking
subsequent photos from drill bit after drilling and then use image
processing to measure wear area of the bit.
After e.g. a 100 m drilling I will take photo from bit surface and then compare with previous one. The problem is shortening the bit how can effect this in the analsys?

Many thanks for attention

Ned Gulley

Ned Gulley (view profile)

@omid, is the Download link not working?


omid (view profile)

I cannot download the code, please


omid (view profile)


poonam pai

Nour n/a

good effort

Mohamed Aynloualid

Rupali Agarwal

Really Nice

anant shenvi

Mohamed Aynloualid



Updated license


Changed the gear image.

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