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PRIMOR method combines image reconstruction and motion estimation in a single algorithm



We propose PRIMOR method that combines image reconstruction and motion estimation in a single algorithm. It extends previous prior-based reconstruction methods by including a model of the motion between consecutive frames into the cost functional. The resulting optimization problem is efficiently solved with the split Bregman formulation. Motion is estimated using a nonrigid registration method based on hierarchical B-splines.
In this paper we compare PRIMOR with a prior-based reconstruction algorithm for respiratory gated CT, resulting in a significant reduction of artefacts and improved image quality.
If you use this code, please reference the publication JFPJ Abascal et al. A novel prior- and motion-based compressed sensing method for small-animal respiratory gated CT. PLOS ONE 9;11(3):e0149841, 2016. If you need to contact the author, please do so at,
Data, code and results for prior- and motion-based reconstruction (PRIMOR) method for respiratory gated CT

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Sheldon Shao

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