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soa2aos(IN, LCHK)

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converts a structure of arrays to a column array of structures



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OUT = soa2aos(IN)
OUT = soa2aos(IN, LCHK)

IN scalar structure, whose fields are arrays of the classes
'cell', 'numeric' or 'struct' and can be orianted as column, rows
or multidimensional.
LCHK scalar logical, optional input.
true (default) => the length of each field array must be the same.
false => field arrays can have different lengths.
OUT [Nx1] column array of N structures with the same fields of IN,
with scalar values. N is the maxium array length of the input
structure fields. Shorter arrays will results in empty fields in
the OUT structure.

IN.fld1 = {'a','b','cd'};
IN.fld2 = {'e';'fg';'123'};
IN.fld3 = [1 2];
IN.fld4 = struct('a',{{'one','two'},2});
OUT = soa2aos(IN, false)

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If the second optional parameter is true (default) the length of the input fields must be the same, otherwise if false the input fields can have different lengths.

Fields in the input structure can be
- numeric, structure or cells
- oriented as row, column or multidimensional
- of different lenghts

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2016a
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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