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Solution Of System Of Congruences

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This Matlab m file solve a system of congruence and give you a result



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% A naive approach to calculate the solution for a
% system of congruences of the type...
% a1 x= b1 (mod m1)
% a2 x= b2 (mod m2)
% a3 x= b3 (mod m3)
% --------------
% an x= bn (mod mn)
%Ther is exactly one solution of the system modulo[m1,]
%but the solution must lie in the set S={0,1,2....L} ,where L=lcm[m1,]
% the integer which satiesfy all the above equation is estentially the
% solution of that System.

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Tariqul Dipu


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Created with R2013a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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